About Ramzan Ali Hospital

Ramzan Ali Syed Hospital is a General Hospital which caters for all ages and specialties with diversified modern medical and surgical facilities with great emphasis on quality. This setup is situated in the heart of Lahore near the mall causeway.

This one-stop location offers a state- of- the-art acute care, in rehabilitation –focused on the State of Art congenital pediatric Surgical anomalies, from diagnosis till its complete Rehabilitation, along with reconstructive surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Bone and joint surgery, Eye surgery from cataract to Vitrectomy surgery, ENT surgery, pediatric medicine, oncology, cosmetic Surgery, general surgery, treatment of gynecological Disorders & Obstetrical problems, Internal Medicine, Urological Disorders with complete cure, Faciomaxillaly surgery, Psychiatry etc. all housed in one cooperative health care campus. Placing families in our region who come for care, regardless of whether they are facing physical health challenges. In short Ramzan Ali Syed hospital is a general hospital, serving since ages, which caters for all specialties.



The Ramzan Ali Foundation (RAF) was formed in the memory of Prof. Dr Ramzan Ali Syed; the first professor of Ophthalmology at the King Edward Medical College Lahore which now is a world renowned university. Professor Dr. Ramzan Ali Syed was the first one to demonstrate Disseminated Sclerosis in

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Ramzan Ali Foundation awards a gold medal (Ramzan Ali Syed Gold Medal) every year to the best graduating medical student of ophthalmology at the king Edward medical university Lahore. The RAF has joined hands with Ramzan Ali Syed Hospital Lahore, which was founded by Prof. Dr Ramzan Ali Syed himself and

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Ramzan Ali Syed Hospital under the patronage of its board members has joined hands with the Ramzan Ali Foundation (RAF), who with the help of its gracious donors from all around the world operates and examines needy patients totally free of cost. There is a specialized team consisting of professors, surgeons,

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The RAF and the hospital treat deserving patients from the money donated by our generous donors all the year round. The process is crystal clear where each patient’s examination, operation, medicines and follow up is absolutely free. A proper system is generated where each patient is registered and

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