The Ramzan Ali Foundation (RAF) was formed in the memory of Prof. Dr Ramzan Ali Syed; the first professor of Ophthalmology at the King Edward Medical College Lahore which now is a world renowned university. Professor Dr. Ramzan Ali Syed was the first one to demonstrate Disseminated Sclerosis in south East Asia. He was also the pioneer to perform a “Successful corneal graft/Transplant in the Subcontinent along with his Clinical revolutionary Surgical Techniques in the field of Ophthalmology. The Founder president of the ophthalmic society of Pakistan, Prof. Dr. Ramzan Ali Syed represented Pakistan at various international medical/ophthalmic conferences. He also started post Graduate Ophthalmic courses at The University of the Punjab. Dr Syed had spent all his life in working towards “PREVENTING BLINDNESS” amongst the people of the region.


Ramzan Ali Foundation awards a gold medal (Ramzan Ali Syed Gold Medal) every year to the best graduating medical student of ophthalmology at the king Edward medical university Lahore. The RAF has joined hands with Ali Eye Hospital Lahore, which was founded by Prof. Dr Ramzan Ali Syed himself and is run by his youngest son Dr Afzal Ali Syed. Ramzan Ali Foundation with the help of its board members and gracious donors organizes; awareness campaigns, free eye camps, free eye opd at the Ali Eye Hospital Lahore, free eye surgeries and free medicines to the deserving patients all the year round.


Ramzan Ali Syed Hospital under the patronage of its board members has joined hands with the Ramzan Ali Foundation (RAF), who with the help of its gracious donors from all around the world operates and examines needy patients totally free of cost. There is a specialized team consisting of professors, surgeons, ophthalmologists, optometrists and orthoptists from renowned setups across the country. The eye care team formed at the Ali Eye Hospital have joined hands with the foundation in Preventing Blindness and giving quality free of cost treatment to those in need.

Meeting the communal needs of the society Ali Eye Hospital with the help of Ramzan Ali Foundation runs a free OPD examination under the guidance of specialized team of professors and trained ophthalmic professionals who have a clear and independent approach. Ali Eye Hospital has been the first of its kind to join hands with a foundation and initiate free ophthalmology OPD in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.


The RAF and the hospital treat deserving patients from the money donated by our generous donors all the year round. The process is crystal clear where each patient’s examination, operation, medicines and follow up is absolutely free. A proper system is generated where each patient is registered and each procedure may it be mere eye exam or an operation is properly documented. The donations are accepted by authorized personnel only or directly into Hospital’s bank account and the donors are given timely updates as to where each penny is being spent. This is the main reason that our donors have faith in us and each year we work endlessly to strengthen this bond.